I'm a deaf woman (she/her) in her late 20s who does art for a hobby and living. I often do commissions, which is what this site is about!I generally announce when I open my commissions on my can also check the commission form to see if it's open.If you want to see my progress on my work at the moment, you can check the commission trello.



Additional Characters

+$60 USD each

(up to 3 characters max per commission)

Flat Fullbody
$70 USD

Fullbody.May be subject to complexity fee of $2~15.

*Note: Additional characters cost +50% per additional, up to 2 extra characters (3 total).(this means that each character after the first is $30 each for this tier.Complexity fees may also apply to these characters as well, separately from the first character.)

Shaded Fullbody
$90 USD

Fullbody.May be subject to complexity fee of $2~15.

*Note: Additional characters cost +50% per additional, up to 2 extra characters (3 total).(this means that each character after the first is $35 each for this tier.Complexity fees may also apply to these characters as well, separately from the first character.)

$80 USD

I will do a wide range of backgrounds, although I enjoy doing forests, naturalistic things, mountains, and water the most, like beaches or dirt roads or cliffs or mountains.I enjoy doing space and skies as well!For anything manmade (such as a laboratory setting), I am unlikely to accept, but if I do, it will often incur an complexity fee.May be subject to complexity fee of $2~30.

Reference Sheet
$150+ USD

There is always at least one fullbody shot, but I will only draw details as needed that I think are necessary for the character to be understood fully.If you need or want anything more specific, or require me to draw a fullbody again, it will incur an additional fee for being overly specific.These will often contain all details that I feel are necessary -- shots of different markings, shots of different angles of parts if they look different from angles, symmetrical changes, anything that should be noted.May be subject to complexity fee of $5~30.

*Note: Additional characters and
backgrounds are not eligible.
Shading is not provided.


I reserve the right to reject a commission for any reason, and to not disclose why.I also reserve the right to cancel a commission at any point, and to refund, if I was paid by that point, for the amount of work remaining that I did not complete.These commissions are to be used for personal use only; I do not do any work for commercial purposes, nor for merchandise.I do NOT offer the style mimics I do (such as paper mario style, etc) for sale; nor do I offer other styles for sale.

Payment & Fees

All my prices are in USD.PAYMENT
I will send an invoice to your provided address to collect payment after the lines have been approved.
You do not get any further work until I've confirmed that I have received the payment; at which point I will begin work on the lineart.REFUNDS:If you have approved the finished product and then ask for a refund, I will not refund you.Additionally, I will only refund the work I have not done as of the moment, if you ask for a refund.Issues paying?
If you simply want a bit more time, like you missed payday or forgot about an bill, I'm happy to work with you. I will just simply not begin coloring it until you are able to.
I get it, life happens! Life happens so much.

Edit Policies

I will generally make most edits free of charge.However:
Asking me to change something excessively while you aren't sure what you want, then deciding you prefer the first version of what I had done will automatically incur an complexity/edit fee.
If you ask me to make any major edits to the linework after you approve it, including during the coloring phase, you will incur a steep fee.If you notice a mistake somewhere in the artwork after the commission's done - feel free to tell me, but if it's a significant change, it will incur a steepIt's your responsibility to tell me about changes before they're irreversible, and I take no responsibility if I'm unable to correct it after it was approved by you and posted.Please know what you want and make sure you look at my examples first so you know what you're getting.

Process & Turnaround

Turnaround time can be up to a month from when the sketch is first sent, though it will likely be shorter as I work fast; it's also possible to be slower, but I will do my best to communicate and show wips. Please feel free to ask for updates if you feel it's been a while.
I will be sending you a sketch that's very barebones (compared to most other artists' work) and meant only to convey the pose and whatnot, to see if you like it.
It's not meant to have many details, so please keep that in mind. I tend to make most changes asked for in sketch form in the lineart.After you approve the sketch/pose, I will send an invoice to you, and work will proceed as usual after it is paid.I will communicate with you each stage in my art process.

Sharing & Icons

you are very welcome to crop any art you receive from me (gift, commission, etc) for icons.You are welcome to share links to my work to other people on sites such as discord, twitter, as long as it's links; I do not mind QRTs on twitter.If it was gifted to you, or you commissioned it, you are allowed to re-post it to your sites & such!(Ex: Link a picture directly, say "it's by princessnapped" is fine; linking a source to one of my pictures directly is fine as well.)


Do not, under any circumstance whatsoever, even if you commissioned it or were gifted it, mint or create a NFT of my art.


You're not allowed to make any edits to my art without my permission, even if it was commissioned or gifted.
However, I am fairly open to edits as long as they have my permission, although please detail the edit(s) you want to make when asking me.
edits I don't allow no matter what:
irl, or drawn, guns being edited into my art
hateful content (homophobia, etc.)

will NOT do

  • -gore

  • -fusion stuff other than pokemon/digimon/monster fusions (be it TF or steven universe style)

  • -comics

  • -nsfw/18+ artwork

  • -diapers

  • -ageplay/age regression

  • -hateful content (such as racism, homophobia, antisemitic, etc

  • -sticky things such as stickers, food on people, band-aids, tape, etc. (cloth gauze such as fight wraps is fine, however! goop/jello-y/squishy things are fine, but only in the context of Transformation)

  • -will not work with realistic art or photographs of most aquatic creatures. manta-rays, dolphins, whales, crustaceans, some sharks, are fine. if unsure, please ask first.

  • -Please ask before linking IRL/realistic spider or bug pictures.

will NOT do
(Transformation/macro related)

  • -inanimate beyond what I already offer (e.g. plushies and pooltoys and whatnot are fine.)

  • -clothes tf

  • -mental changes further than subtle adjustment (such as being slightly more bold, etc.)

  • -clone tf (twinning is fine; this has to do with mental changes)

  • -too-body horror tf

  • -characters under 18

  • More than one mind in the same body

  • multiple-head mid tf

  • -multi (basically multiple sets of arms/heads beyond normal for a taur or such -- it's hard to explain but if you search on furaffinity for multi, that's what I mean.)

  • -TGTF if it involves humiliation, degradation, intelligence loss, and the like

I do NOT do any weird stuff other than TF (Transformation) and occasionally macro.this means stuff like blueberry, conjoined, bimbo, inflation, etc., are automatically rejected.

Commission Related


Monster Farm (Monster Rancher) Line Stuff